The Hellenic Youth Group organises gatherings and outings for those aged 7-17 who believe that staying rooted in their Greek culture is important. The Hellenic Youth Group allows our young Hellene's to know and socialise with each other frequently, keeping the next generation of Greek-Australians involved with their community. The group provides a supportive and positive environment that encourages the friendship between its members to grow. The events are always age-appropriate as it's the kids themselves who decide which activity they wish for the adults to organise. Members are always enthusiastic to attend each outing, with the end of the day being the only letdown each event has to offer. The kids always look forward to seeing each other again and new attendees are always greeted with enthusiasm. Please don't hesitate to get involved!

If you or your child are interested in attending a Youth Group event, like the Hellenic Communuty on Facebook for an announcement about their next event or sign up to the Hellenic Community eNewsletter by e-mailing your name and preferred e-mail address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..