On behalf of the Hellenic Community of Western Australia (HCWA), I would like to extend a warm welcome to our website and the greater community. My name is Paul Afkos OAM and I have the privilege of serving as the current President of the HCWA.

The Hellenic Community of Western Australia was founded in September 1923. It was incorporated one year later on 9 September 1924. Among other things, the original 1924 Constitution stated:

“The object of the Association is the erection of a Greek Orthodox Church, Greek school and the improvement of the religious, moral, mental and social conditions of its members."

In nearly 100 years of existence as an incorporated body, the Hellenic Community has endeavoured to fulfil this broad objective. Over this period of time, the Community has seen fifteen Presidents and numerous Committees of Management. Indeed, our community is one filled with great tradition. We honour those who have gone before us and helped shape our community into what it is today. We also look to the future with optimism and hope for the great things our community has yet to accomplish in service to one another and the greater world around us as we ever strive to fulfil our calling of philotimo.

Whether you are a newcomer or longtime resident of Western Australia, Greek or non-Greek, you are most welcome; we invite you to browse our website and familiarise yourself with our community. We look forward to hearing from you!


Paul Afkos OAM
President of the Hellenic Community of Western Australia