President: Paul Afkos OAM
Vice President: Effie Mazgaltzidis
Secretary: Emmanuel Takoniatis
Treasurer: Dennis Pilarinos


Spiro Damianides
Tim Damianidis
Paul Mantzouranidis
Theo Papasavvas
Anna Smilovitis
Damien Tsokos
Dimitrios Tsokos
Peter Vatistas


Andonis Petrides
Arthur Mistilis
Bill Evangel
Dennis Kalaitzis
Larry Doropoulos (Chair)

Subcommittees assist in the day to day management of Community operations and provide advice to the Committee of Management in relation to their responsibilities. Subcommittees established by the Committee of Management are:

Religious and Church Services
Responsible to the Committee of Management for the services, sacraments and maintenance of the Cathedral of Saints Constantine and Helene.

Hellenic Community Media
Manages the broadcasting of the Hellenic Community Greek language programs on Radio 6EBA FM.

School Board
Gives direction for the day to day operations of St Andrew’s Grammar on behalf of St Andrew’s Grammar Inc.

Building Subcommittee
Oversees all buildings/renovations for the School, Community Centre, Aged Care, Church and Tower House.

Hellenic Centre Subcommittee:
Oversees the facilities of the Hellenic Centre; including leasing, restoration and maintenance.

Strategic Planning and Redevelopment Subcommittee (SPARC)
Through the Management Committee, the SPARC directs the Hellenic Admin to coordinate with all entities (School, Age Care, Community Centre, Church and Tower House) to develop a business plan aligned with the Strategic Plan.

Hellenic Community Aged Care Subcommittee
Sets policies for the operation of Hellenic Community Aged Care, its existing and improved infrastructure and oversees applications for accreditation.

Youth Subcommittee
Responsible for creating youth orientated events and learning activities, in accordance with Hellenic ideals.

Members are encouraged to nominate for appointment to a subcommittee by contacting Hellenic Admin on 9328  5141.