The West Australian Modern Greek Language Teachers’ Association Inc. (WAMGLTA) is once again offering its annual WAMGLTA Speak Greek in June Competition

This competition is open to all school-aged children (Pre-primary to Year 12) who are undertaking formal studies in Modern Greek.  The competition opens on Monday 1 June and concludes on Saturday 4 July.  All details pertaining to this fun competition are included in the attached flyer, along with the Entry Form.

WAMGLTA sincerely hopes that the competition will encourage students to practice speaking Greek on one of the topics on offer, or a topic of their choice, as approved by their teacher.  During these uncertain and unchartered times of COVID-19, and in an environment of blended teaching and learning (face-to-face and/or online), WAMGLTA remains optimistic about the creative approach that students may take to entering this competition.  Therefore, the competition is offered as a source of inspiration to both students and their teachers to find ways to enable participation despite the current circumstances.

Please direct any queries to the WAMGLTA Chair, Dr Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for your support and promotion of this competition.

Kindest Regards
Dr Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis
WAMGLTA Chairperson

Download the flyer and entry form here: WAMGLTA_SGJ_Competition_2020.pdf

It is with great honour and pride to provide this message on the occasion of the 79th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete.

In May 1941, German forces launched Operation Mercury, an audacious air assault to capture the island of Crete-a strategic foothold which would allow Axis naval and air forces to dominate the Eastern Mediterranean.

Following the fall of mainland Greece, Allied troops re-grouped and partnering with the Cretan people, mounted valiant defiance in the face of Nazi aggression.

On the 20th May, the Germans launched a parachute and air-born attack on the island of Crete. Outgunned and out-manoeuvred during the ten-day battle, Australian, New Zealand, British and Greek soldiers fought shoulder to shoulder with Cretan civilians and farmers. Almost 800 Australians were killed and over 3000 were captured and became Prisoners of War. Many Cretans provided assistance to Australian troops at great personal cost and suffered punitive reprisals from the occupying power for their compassion.

Today, 79 years later, with distinct emotion and feelings of pride, we recall those days where the self-sacrifice of the Cretan men, women and children, together with the young men from Australia and New Zealand, wrote one of the most heroic pages of the Greek and Allied struggle against the might of Nazis.

On behalf of the last two Western-Australian Veterans who fought in the Battle of Crete, Mr Arthur Leggett (102 Years old) and Mr Norm Eaton (101 Years old), I kindly ask you to take a moment in your classes and pay tribute to the strength, courage, dignity, sacrifice and human spirit of everyone, who in any way, took a part in the Battle of Crete.

It is imperative that all of us, keep the memories alive!

Katerina Reklitis
Hellenic Cultural Studies Coordinator

mothersday 2020 03.jpg

Just like every year, this year, the students of both the morning and afternoon Saturday Greek School classes had the opportunity to show their mothers how much they love them through their creative skills. Hand-drawn coasters which were packaged together with a packet of delicious biscuits and a teabag, ready for mum to enjoy on her special day, that is, of course, Mother's Day! Also, the students made beautiful handmade cards to go alongside their presents.

Όπως κάθε χρόνο, έτσι και φέτος οι μαθητές που παρακουλουθούν τα πρωινά και απογευματινά μαθήματα Ελληνικών στο Σαββατιανό Σχολείο, είχαν την ευκαιρία να δείξουν στις μητέρες τους πόσο τις αγαπούν, μέσα απο τις δημιουργητικές τους δυνατότητες-φτιάχνοντας σουβέρ που σχεδίασαν μόνοι τους. Μαζί με τα σουβέρ σε ενα χάρτινο σακουλάκι, βάλανε και ενα μικρό πακετάκι μπισκότα και ενα φακελάκι τσάι - έτοιμα για να τα απολαύσει η μαμά στήν ξεχωριστή της μέρα, που είναι φυσικά, η Γιορτή της Μητέρας! Επιπλέον οι μαθητές έφτιαξαν όμορφες χειροποίητες κάρτες να δώσουν μαζί με τα δώρα.

mothersday 2020 01

mothersday 2020 02

Dear members of the Hellenic Community of WA,
Christos Anesti and Chronia Polla.
I hope the Resurrection of the Lord brings health and love to you and your families. May the Holy Light of the Resurrection enlighten the souls and lives of all of us.
Byron Spartalis
Hellenic Community of Western Australia

Το μήνυμα του προέδρου της Ελληνικής Κοινότητας

Αγαπητά μέλη της Ελληνικής Κοινότητας Δ.Α.
Χριστός Ανέστη και Χρόνια Πολλά.
Εύχομαι η Ανάσταση του Κυρίου να φέρει υγεία και αγάπη σε σας και στις οικογένειες σας. Το Άγιο Φως της Ανάστασης να φωτίσει τις ψυχές και τις ζωές όλων μας.
Ο πρόεδρος της Ελληνικής Κοινότητας Δ.Α.
Βύρωνας Σπάρταλης

Christos Anesti and Chronia Polla.

Easter was celebrated once again this year at our Greek nursing home, however in a different way this year. Due to the situation of COVID 19 it was not possible for the residents of the Hellenic Community Aged Care to celebrate the Holy Days of Easter with their families. With the help of the staff of the aged care, the residents had the opportunity to enjoy traditional Easter dishes such as tsoureki, Cypriot flaounes,koulourakia and of course red eggs!! The staff exchanged the usual Easter wishes with the residents of the nursing home.

Ελληνικό Γηροκομείο

Χριστός Ανέστη και Χρόνια Πολλά  
Γιορτάστηκε και πάλι φέτος το Πάσχα στο Eλληνικό μας γηροκομείο με έναν διαφορετικό τρόπο αυτή τη χρονιά. Λόγω των καταστάσεων δεν στάθηκε δυνατόν οι κάτοικοι του Ελληνικού Γηροκομείου να γιορτάσουν με τους δικούς τους ανθρώπους τις Άγιες μέρες του Πάσχα. Με τη βοήθεια όμως του προσωπικού του Γηροκομείου οι κάτοικοι είχαν τη δυνατότητα να απολαύσουν πασχαλινά εδέσματα όπως τσουρέκια, κυπριακές φλαούνες, κουλουράκια και φυσικά τα κόκκινα αυγά!! Το προσωπικό αντάλλαξε τις καθιερωμένες ευχές με τους κατοίκους του γηροκομείου.