On Monday 30th November, St. Andrew's Grammar parents, staff and School Board members came together to farewell Principal Craig Monaghan and family at Yefsi Greek Restaurant in Northbridge. The evening was heartfelt and sentimental as his departure draws closer. Everyone feasted on beautiful Greek food, compliments to the chef, and to top the night the P&F arrangement for a traditional send off performance from the Wairua Tipuna Indigenous Performing Arts Group from the Ngatiporou Tribe.

Those who have been at the school for more than two years would have seen the dramatic transformation and growth of the school during this time. Significantly in the increased number of new students and families, extensive upgrades to the school grounds and our new partnership with Perth Glory. During Craig's time as Principal he has impacted many families, students and staff in a very positive way.

The P&F Association is very grateful to have worked closely with Craig and extremely appreciative of his hard work, dedication and passion towards students, parents, staff, the school as a whole and everything in between!!

We wish Craig, Katia and family all the best in their next chapter in life!!

Farewell ✈️

A big Thank you to the Limnios Family at Yefsi at Attika for their amazing hospitality.

Photos from the evening P&F Association Facebook
- St. Andrew's Grammar, WA