Church Water Ingress:

The Community insurers have appointed an assessor to be present when the damage to the arch on the Community Centre side of the Church was inspected by an engineer.

The engineer's report was submitted to the insurer and a company has been appointed to repair the damage. The repairs will involve scaffolding and access to that area may be impeded for the duration of the repairs. The Committee have requested Father Terry to coordinate with the company to minimise disruption to Church services and for the safety of parishioners..

Church Windows:

A proto type Perspex screen is being prepared for the Church windows to protect against vandalism and dust entering from open windows. Given the heritage status of the Church, the proposed screens will be assessed by a heritage architect, for compliance.


Security camera wiring of the Church and the Community Centre for installation of security cameras is almost complete.

The next step will be installation of the security cameras. An application has been made to the City of Perth for approval to install cameras on the Francis St exterior wall of the Church, there are no heritage issues with the balance of the cameras.

Lower Hall:

Due to its age, the evaporative air conditioning unit is no longer functional or serviceable.  The unit location makes it awkward and dangerous for any repairer. The Committee has been advised, replacing the unit alone is unlikely to provide adequate cooling to the lower hall. The Committee is investigating installation of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning to the lower hall. This will require the lower hall stramit ceiling to be removed and replaced with a more contemporary suspended ceiling. This and other ideas are being explored by the Committee to improve hiring of the hall and income for the Community.


Candles are integral to the rituals of our Church. Inhouse candle production has benefits in the quality of the candles and self sufficiency of supplies.. Candle making at the Community Centre is not ideal . It now poses potential safety issues.  A more suitable location could ease the workload.  The present facility, under a metal roof with 3 sides open the elements, unpacking and storing equipment, in a confined space should not be acceptable. The Committee is keen to relocate candle making to a suitable, cost effective premise away from the Community Centre with additional safety for the volunteers. Should members have a small factory unit available, please contact John Metaxas to discuss our requirements.


St Andrew's Grammar:

School Board:

The Board has one vacancy to fill, from a present retiring school board member and invites nominees to represent the Hellenic Community. A person experienced to contribute as a Board Member to the strategic direction of St Andrew's Grammar. The term is for 2 years. St Andrew's Grammar has gone through a remarkable growth phase and the Board will drive the planning of facilities for students and monitor academic advancement.  Please contact Mr Paul Afkos, OAM, President of St Andrew's Grammar Inc, for further information.

The commencement of the 2023 school year saw St Andrew's Grammar commence with 715 students compared to 688 in 2022. Mr Craig Monaghan returned as Principal, following the resignation of Ms Dawn Clements, to take up a Principal position at another school.  Mr Monaghan, an experienced Principal, will assist with the planning and selection of a long term Principal.  Five new demountable classrooms have been installed in December 2022 to accommodate the increased enrolments.  The design of the already approved STEM building is progressing with working drawings the next step before tendering commences during the next term for their construction.

Ava Santos, St. Andrew’s Soccer Star  


St. Andrew’s student, Ava Santos, has been scouted not just once, but twice this year! She has been selected from the best soccer players from across Australia to take part in a special training and development program with West Ham Development Squad. Secondly, she has also been chosen to represent Australia in the Australian Futsal Team for a Greece Tour coming up this October.  

Ava joined St. Andrew’s Grammar School in 2020. She was attracted to the school by the successful Perth Glory program that the school is well known for. She has captained the team on at least one occasion, with the team coming runner’s up in last season's competition.  

Ava started playing soccer at aged 8, playing for local teams, Ballajura and Noranda. Her talent was quickly identified, and she went on to join the National Girls Development Squad at the NTC. The NTC program is the elite pathway for talented junior female players in Western Australia. It is supported by Football Australia.   The program prepares players who show the potential talent to progress through the FFA development model to achieve Junior or Young National Team Selection, Senior NPLW, W-League and international representation. 

Ava is a team member of the U15 squad who will be playing in the Women’s NPL U21 league this season. 

From there, Ava successfully trialed for the under 15s state Futsal team. Her team played in the Interstate tournament and won the National Championship in January 2023 against the Sydney team. This was where she was spotted by a scout and asked to play for the National Team representing Futsal Australia.  

Ava will be one of 15 girls selected to play for the Australian Representative Futsal Team. The teams are formed from the top players selected from the largest Futsal player base in Australia. The players receive expert coaching and competitive games improving their skills, fitness and gameplay. The tournament will be held in Athens, Greece this October 2023. The teams are formed from the top players selected from the largest Futsal player base in Australia. As part of this experience, players will receive expert coaching and play in competitive games, improving their skills, fitness, and gameplay.  

Late last year, Ava attended a trial in Perth for the West Ham Academy Development Squad, followed by a 2nd trial on the Gold Coast. The competition was tough with players ranging from age 13-16 selected from the best clubs across Australia. However, Ava’s talent won out; she will be joining the West Ham Academy Development Squad in the UK in October this year.  

The Development program includes training and games with teams from other UK Football academies in London and Manchester and focuses on technical, tactical, team preparation and performance analysis under the guidance of West Ham United Foundation’s coaching team. 

She will also attend games from either EPL, Champions League, FA Cup, SPL and UEFA Nations League.  

It is Ava’s dream to play for one of the Premiere League clubs and one day to represent Australia with the Matildas, like her hero Sam Kerr. With all these amazing programs and opportunities that Ava is embarking upon this year, I think she will be realising those dreams sooner rather than later!  

At St. Andrew’s Grammar School, we feel privileged to have been on a small part of that journey with Ava and will continue to encourage, nurture, and support her in all her endeavors, both academic and within the field of Soccer.  

Hellenic Community Aged Care:


The Hellenic Community Age Care Board chaired by Fr Evan and supported by board members Dennis Pilarinos, Effie Mazgaltzidis, Jim Bivoltsis, Dr Roger Warne, Athanasios Filippou, Paul Afkos OAM, and  management, have applied some sound experience and practice in gaining an excellent reaccreditation assessment by Independent Government Auditors.

Three Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission auditors visited the facility from 18-20 January 2023 for reaccreditation. The audit required a review of all 8 quality standards: 

1. Consumer dignity and choice.

2. Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers.

3. Personal care and clinical care.                            

4. Services and supports for daily living.                             

5. Organisation’s service environment.                                            

6. Feedback and complaints.                         

7. Human resources.               

8. Organisational governance.

 Hellenic Community Aged Care met all standards.  A decision on the period of reaccreditation is awaited. 

 Solar Panels:

Solar Panels have been installed on the north and west facing roof space. The inverters for the panels are in place and the installers are awaiting delivery of switchboards from Melbourne to complete and commission the project. The Hellenic Community Aged Care annual electricity expense is around $100,000 with air conditioning being the highest user.  The solar panels are estimated to cut mains power usage by around 35 per cent.  Battery storage will be a next step and has been incorporated into the project, once battery storage becomes cost effective.


Design work is continuing to reduce the overall cost of the project. Work on retaining walls on the western side will commence in March.  The design of the two-level administration building is being reworked. This building must be erected before the existing reception can be remodeled into a coffee and meeting space for residents and families. The redesign of the car park and new accessway to the main entrance will proceed with the administration building.  The redevelopment of the central courtyard will be the final stage of the refurbishment..

 Centre for Hellenic Studies WA: 


On behalf of the Centre for Hellenic Studies, WA, we would like to congratulate our very own Y12 Modern Greek ATAR students for their outstanding performance in the 2022 Modern Greek ATAR examinations.

The names and results of the Modern Greek ATAR students are:

  1. Jason Androutsos (GRADE : A)
  2. Lucas Cristopoulos (GRADE: A)
  3. Vasilis Kerr (GRADE: A)
  4. Konstantinos Stergiou (GRADE: A)

Their philotimo and commitment to learning the Greek language and culture on Saturdays, throughout their high school years, have been  key elements and part of the secret to their Modern Greek ATAR success.

The Hellenic Community of WA is very proud of their achievements. It is everyone’s hope  that the students remain connected to their Greek roots, history and culture, and that they keep the Greek spirit alive, acquiring a different perspective of the world in their future education and profession.

Σας ευχόμαστε κάθε επιτυχία στις σπουδές σας και στην  επαγγελματική σας σταδιοδρομία!

 Hellenic News Editors: Paul Savvas, Paul Afkos, and John Metaxas

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