Announcement from Mr Paul Afkos OAM, President of the Hellenic Community of Western Australia Inc.

5 July 2022.

On 14th June 2022, 6 committee members from the present Management Committee elected in June 2021 have resigned from their positions. The 2021 elected members remaining on the Management Committee are, Committee Members Paul Savvas, Anna Smilovitis, President Paul Afkos, Vice President Peter Katsambanis, Secretary Emmanuel Takoniatis, Treasurer Sakis Pilarinos.

The management committee of the Hellenic Community sought independent professional legal advice and guidance on the requirements of the constitution following these resignations, and have concluded that the resignations of the 6 Committee Persons activated rule 23.5 of the Hellenic Community Constitution, which reads:

“If six (6) Members of the Management Committee resign, the President shall call for elections within twenty-one (21) days”.

The Hellenic Community Trustees have been informed and the legal advice was given to them. The Election committee have also been informed of the coming election.

The Independent legal advice confirmed the President must announce within 21 days following the resignations the election and the date for when the election will occur. The final date for the announcement to be 5th July 2022.

The Management Committee will inform the Election Committee in accordance with the Independent legal advice that the election will be only for 6 committee persons.

Following the elections of the newly elected committee members, the full Management Committee will serve until the second Sunday in June 2023.

With the benefit of the independent legal advice, I am announcing the election will be held on the Sunday 25th September 2022

The Secretary will now invite the elected members on the Election Committee (elected in April 2022) so they may elect their Chairperson and inform them of the coming election so they can commence their preparation.

The election committee will follow the HCWA constitution and will make the necessary announcements, in due course.

Paul Afkos OAM.