This report covers the period from July 2021. On 27 January 2022 the president Mr Paul Afkos OAM and the full Committee of the Hellenic Community of WA (HCWA) elected in June 2021  met with  Trustees Effie Mazgaltzidis. George Georgiou and Dr Con Berbatis from 630-830pm in the St. Andrews Grammar boardroom. They discussed matters raised by members and Trustees over the past 12 months in correspondence and in meetings held with the Community executive and officers.

Key amendments to the constitutions for the April 10 2022 annual general meeting were important to consider. These included a more practical Rule 23.1 for increased  terms of office and flexible numbers elected to the HCWA Committee ( Link,2022 :Microsoft Word - HcwaConstitutionFinal10.04.2019 ) and an amended  Rule 50.8  of the St. Andrews Grammar Inc (SAGS) constitution to allow a deputy chairperson to be the President of the HCWA  at the same time as the Chairperson S ( Link 2022 : Microsoft Word - StAndrew'sConstitutionToDeptMIR&S190612 ( ).The Trustees were informed of new appointments to the school board and to staff at St. Andrew’s Grammar and the HCWA Saturday (Centre for Hellenic Studies) schools. The reports on the financial projections to 2032 and all-round progress at the St. Andrews and Saturday schools were noted (HCWA e news, pages 5, 10-23 and 39-41). It was agreed Trustees’ reports will be published in the HCWA e- newsletter

Two different proposals published in the HCWA e- news for the future development of the HCWA’s 27acre St. Andrew’s property were noted. For example, the Committee reported a draft drawing which showed the works done this year ( HCWA e-newsletter ,December 2021, page 12) involved the original three lots. A second proposal was published in the Master Plan in 2021 which had been prepared over four years by a team of experts and endorsed by the Trustees. It involved a sub-division of the property into six lots each with leased premises and a potential annual revenue for the HCWA exceeding $2 million pa after development (Link: St Andrews Masterplan Report March 2021 - Figure 1, page 2, and Table 1, page 8). It was also noted that acquiring the corner 940 square metre Lot  9004 from the State Housing Commission as recommended in the Master Plan would facilitate the future development of the school and aged care sites, a child care centre, swimming and medical/health care precincts. Mr Afkos reported the suggested “master plan” this committee has not being briefed on in detail, but were informed the committee has not formally adopted.

The committee’s report on the Hellenic Community Aged Care or HCAC  (HCWA e-news , pages 21-23) was noted. The Trustees made the committee aware of a report on HCAC with specific requests for action in February 2021 submitted to the previous committee but these had not been acted on. The above two  reports will be reviewed by the Committee. .