Dear Members,

The Hellenic Community Committee elected in June 2021, is grasping and dealing with facilities in Northbridge, namely the Church, the Rectory, two halls, and at Dianella St. Andrew's Grammar, the Saturday morning Greek language school, and Aged Care matters. The Committee believes effective and regular communication with the members is vital. We are committed to ensure the prosperity of all Community entities is well communicated to members.

The existing communications do not suit a proportion of our members; this was echoed at the last AGM. The Committee decided this has to be addressed as a priority.

This issue of the eNews will be the last in the current format. The next regular medium for communicating with members will be a hard copy edition posted to member households without access to electronic media. Members with email addresses will receive an electronic version of the hard copy edition.

The focus is now on producing a timely, well presented, HCWA focused edition and reflecting on the new Committees 140 days in office.

The first issue is being prepared and will be issued in early November. With this new format of printed and electronic news, we hope to keep all members aware of achievements, issues, and events in the HCWA.

In the same Newsletter, our focus will also be on obtaining paid advertisements from member businesses, or other associations wishing to advertise. With all our present entities and events, we will make decisions with a profit focused mindset. Members will be pleased to see at the closing of this financial year, a change in the operations of all entities focused to produce a surplus.

Following receipt of this Newsletter we welcome your valued feedback.

Kind regards
Paul Afkos OAM